Colour –
the currency of life

Creating art, as it creates me.
Lost and found in the process,
And all to be…just Be


Lucia would like to welcome you to her artwork website, which will be updated frequently. Painting has been her passion for as long as she can remember.

Unique – all of Lucia’s paintings are original. Although subject matter may recur, no two paintings are the same. Each comes from a place that not even the artist can identify.

Colour – Lucia’s paintings represent an unapologetic celebration of colour. Through the years she has dabbled in limiting her palate but always succumbs to the lure of excess.

Inspiration – Lucia’s work is influenced by people and places. Her interpretation of nature features prominently in the layered, textured pieces she creates. The sea is her first love.

Affordable – Lucia recognises that she has a charmed life. Most days present her with an opportunity to create – a rare privilege. The pricing of her paintings reflects this.

Waterlilies afloat Lucia Errity Art
On the town Lucia Errity Art

Original artwork from an Irish Artist

I hope you enjoy viewing my current selection of paintings. Life is my muse and each piece is unique.  A passion for colour and texture results in dynamic and provocative interpretations of my subject matter.  Feel free to come to the Harvest Gallery to view the paintings in person.  All artwork is original and comes in bespoke moulded frames with inner mounts.

Cottage on the hill Lucia Errity Art
Blue strings Lucia Errity Art


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